About Us


Layman Marketing and Research Pvt Ltd

We are into background verification services for last 5 years and help to mitigate human capital risk.

Our services provide comprehensive results that help employers reduce workplace Violence, theft, substance abuse and negligent hiring abilities. Details such as employment history, educational qualifications and several other personal and behavioural information’s are captured. We fully understand the complexity and criticality that employers face to select the right candidate. We give you the insight you need to uncover unknown facts quickly.

Why Background Verification?

The need for Employee Background Screening & Profiling (EBS) arises from employees presenting dubious facts in their resume. Frauds can range from submitting fake qualification and experience certificates. Thus, the need arises for employers to check existing and prospective employees to safeguard their business interest.

The statistics world over show that

  • One in every four resumes contain false facts
  • 50% of discrepancies encountered during the screening process are due to forged documents
  • Nearly 20% of applicants provide false information relating to tenure, role documents
  • 15%- 17% of employees in IT industries have discrepancies in their records

Therefore following are The Advantages Of Background Screening

  • Prevent Identity Fraud
  • Background Screening helps to get right person for the right job and hence maximizes the efficiency of the organization
  • Fudging the educational qualification is a rampant crime
  • Hiring inefficient / unqualified people in business leads to operational efficiency loss. Security of employees at work place.
  • Prevent people with criminal records from becoming a part of your Organization.
  • It is measure against threat to employee safety and securities.
  • Reduce costs associated with bad hiring – lawsuits, theft, fraud, turnover, bad publicity, lost customers.